time to move

The Let’s Move campaign uses infographics to describe social and environmental conditions leading to The League of Imaginary Scientists’ push to relocate to another planet! Really Real Estate a real estate venture bioneered by the League of Imaginary Scientists. With stickers, tape, and paper, the League unveils their timely solution to an ecologically damaged and overpopulated planet: a DIY kit for developing outer space and settling the sea.

exhibitions: unveiled at the 2007 MutamorphosisConference in Prague and exhibited at Four Degreesat Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2008; The Audacity of Desperation at Urbana Champaign and at Sea and Space in Los Angeles in 2008

Graphics included in Digital Foundations by Xtine Burrough and Michael Mandiberg, Peachpit: 2008.


The depiction of disappearing bees and other climate data is part of an infographics campaign by LOIS, printed as stickers, and distributed with a DIY environmental viewing kit by the League of Imaginary Scientists.