manual for lost dreams

Interactive dream construction in collaboration with the city of Tábor, at CESTA in the Czech Republic; interactive assembly line and performance installation by LOIS and collaborating artists and dreamers.

The interactive dream assembly line is a participatory fill-in-your-dream production of participants’ dreams. Residents of Tábor narrated their dreams, which were analyzed via dream software and relayed in live drawing, chewed up by a computer and returned as a dream animation.

exhibitions: CESTA, (Cultural Exchange Station in Tábor), Czech Republic in June, 2008

Manual for Lost Dreams: a visit to the in between, another Tábor, with the League of Imaginary Scientists

1. Go to CESTA.
2. Dream.
3. Meet me there (7:48 pm).

The machine itself works through live painting and cardboard computing and was  assembled by
neuro-hypnagogacist Dr. L. Hernandez Gomez,
dream engineer Misato Suzuki,
and your own mental construct of Nyx
Dreamt by Dansko, with remote dream diagnostics by Dr. William T. Madmann
and the distant dreams of Anne Chao