The Incredible Balancing Act, mechanized

Step right up and play the go extinct-or-not game! Spin the wheel to destiny. The Incredible Balancing Act went to Balance-Unbalance 2017 in Plymouth, UK. LOIS mainstays made mechanized ecological interactions, along with undergraduate students and artists Kodie Gerritsen and Sarai Silva Carvajal. John Konno collaborated on this one. Contributing conservation researchers, Samia Carrillo-Percastegui and Mathias Tobler, [...]

The Evolving Contraption, site-specific at MOCA

The Evolving Contraption at MOCA in Los Angeles launched a land art campaign to save worms and study wormholes and supplied portals into genomic science at MIT and artists' studios. As the Automatoggler, the contraption morphed into mechanized structures for participatory art, sound and universe pondering. LOIS recalls the organ that viewers played to the [...]