x, y, z and U

Participatory mapping in art and science, including site-specific art and science works in LA: listening to trees, sensing remote toilet flushes, ironing found trash and embroidering territorial borders.

related workshops, discussions and community interventions included:

  • Kim Abeles’ open studios at Outpost, where she ironed trash for the construction of a human-shaped sculpture
  • Hello, Weather! workshop with Andrea Polli and Chuck Varga
  • a conversation on participatory mapping with The League, Andrea Polli and Chuck Varga, and xtine at ART|SCI salon at UCLA
  • workshops with psychogeographer Liz Kueneke to map the local area through participatory embroidery a
  • Farmlab salon with The League of Imaginary Scientists and psychogeographer Liz Kueneke
  • Kelly Jaclynn Andres’ Urban Habitat Lab in the neighborhood of Highland Park, connecting people with their surroundings 
  • DIYbio workshop with Jason Bobe and Mackenzie Cowell- collecting genetic materials on the street for BioWeatherMap launch

In spring, 2009, apexart selected the League of Imaginary Scientists to receive a grant to produce an exhibition and workshop series of participatory and experience-based mapping. The project took place at Outpost for Contemporary Art in LA, with satellite workshops and interactions around the city.

X, Y, Z, and U is an exhibition and a series of related workshops and interactions by artists and scientists who use participatory and experiential mapping in their work.  The League of Imaginary Scientists is an art collective whose work pairs the creative experimentation of the science lab with free-floating and far-fetched ideas that are decidedly not guided by science.  x, y, z, and u includes artists and scientists who are not members of the League, but whose practice also marries their creative practice to experimentation.


participating artists and scientists