Edible and editable pie charts, and the images overlaid atop them...

LOIS in conversation with FICTILIS and friends at Interface Gallery in Oakland

LOIS examines the future of humanity within the layered context of pie charts and edible pies.

In a cross-California visual conversation filled with friendly crossfire, LOIS exchanges information and ideas with FICTILIS and company. Through graphic interplay, this telematic exchange layers casual conversation and commentary atop graphic charts. In the visual feedback loop consisting of notations on top of notations, a diagram stands in as a conversation starter, and the conversation that ensues consists of visual responses to the initial diagram. Guests are invited to edit the diagrams with their “responses,” while remote imaginary scientists redraw and refine figures and graphs, altering column headings as replies, which are projected into the space.

Can meaningful conversations consist of or arise from graphic interfaces? Is our sped up communication system speeding along an evolution in human thought processes?

Pie charts may be eaten.