About the League's Process of Experimentation


By conflating imagined and real space, inventing characters and concocting science, the collaborative research by the League of Imaginary Scientists can be characterized as a series of dream experiments.  The League’s über project is a science and technology extravaganza based on engineering achieved through play, with genuine doctors running naked and artists donning lab coats, all in the hybridized name of science/art.  A team of uncertain experts doing what they don’t know best can achieve an unexpected ending that serves as a launching point for both collaborators and a project.  League projects borrow and lend ideas, own and earn nothing, develop science and create community.  The über project is left undefined.  It might involve genomic imaging via network transmissions, incorporate ecological data as sonar signals, or present collaborative performances among distinct animal species.  The League reinterprets established doctrine, inserts experiment as end product, and exercises play as process.





ISEA2016HK. Presentation titled Mediated Loss, or how data melted my glacier: May, 2016.
Communication and Digital Culture, PCAACA, Seattle, Washington
. Presented Datastream Earth Witness in panel on digital culture: March, 2016.
American Chemical Society Regional Meeting, California State University, San Marcos. Presented on collaborations in art and chemistry with chemist David Garin and composer Matt McBane: November, 2015.
Neolife, SymbioticA, University of Western Australia
. Presented Synthetic Tree Limbs and Other Nature Transplants with Antti Tenetz: October, 2015.
Literature & Arts Lecture Series, Oxnard College. Presented talk, The Creative Germ: Creativity in Art and Science:  November, 2014.
TEDxBuffalo. Presented TED talk on Imaginary Science and the Evolve You Machine: October, 2013.
COMM Week, California State University, Fullerton
. On panel, Revision as Design Practice:  April, 2013.
SITE, Ventura College
. Workshop on Collaboration across disciplines: May, 2013.
Univeristy of Rochester. Presentation on the Imaginary Science, including the history and varies uses: March, 2012.
College Art Association / ARTspace. On panel, Contemporary Collaboratives and Collectives:  March, 2012.
University of Rochester / Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Imaginary Science: Interactions and Collaboration:  January, 2012.
Bradley UniversityCollections, Contraptions and the Cosmos:  April, 2011.
Louisana State University. Imaginary Science: resentation on the work of the League of Imaginary Scientists: April, 2011.
Americans for the Arts Half-Century Summit on Public Art. Waterways presented as one of the year’s 40 Best Public Art Projects by PAN: June, 2010.
Lovely Weather WorkshopsCollections, Contraptions and the Cosmos: March, 2010.
UCLA Art|Sci.  Mapping in science and art at the Eli Broad Center at UCLA:  June, 2009.
Farmlab.   Participatory mapping in art for Farmlab’s public salon series:  June, 2009.
e-MobiLArt symposium:  Merging art and science; on the collaborative process:  May, 2009.
Trinity College Dublin:  Talk on art and science, Interacting with Research:  January, 2009.
Santa Monica College:  Visiting lecturer for arts program:  December, 2008.
ISEA2009 pre-symposiumGfP at MIT and the University of Ulster, Belfast:  November, 2008.
Boston College:  Which Way is North?  Where Art and Science Intersect;  November, 2008.
Hybrid Arts SymposiumLive Diagram in ElectroEtre at PICA in Perth, Australia: 2008.
Electrofringe:  Presentation on inter-media collaborations:  October, 2008.
Dorkbot SydneyOn Blurriness with Carolina Bäckman in Sydney, Australia:  2008.
ISEA2008:  Video contributor for collaborative remote media performances:  July, 2008.
Electrosalon.  TEAS Intercontinental Media Arts and Performance Discussion presented online through the Escape Artists in Vancouver, Canada:  April, 2008.El Festival Internacional de la El Festival Internacional de la Imagen:  Remote participation in Realtime Jam Sessions Workshop presented with Aether9 at Manizales, Colombia and online:  April, 2008.
The Gerrit Rietveld Academie:  Remote participation in intercontinental Cym-directed workshop on real-time performance and Aether9 in Amsterdam:  March, 2008.
California State University, NorthridgeInteractivity and Public Art:  2008.
Mutamorphosis: Challenging Arts and SciencesReally Real Estate™ unveiled in Prague, Czech Republic; organized by CIANT, Leonardo, and the Hexagram Institute:  2007.
Samand Íslenskra Myndlistarmanna (SIM:  The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists):  presentation of works by The League of Imaginary Scientists:  2007.
VJ Theory:  Let’s Chat – What is Realtime Interaction?  Intercontintental networked discussion presented by The Escape Artists:  2007.
College Art Association:  Documentation from the League of Imaginary Scientists presented by Claremont Graduate University at the Asian Cultural Center's Asian Fusion Gallery in New York:  February, 2007.
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Imaginary Science at TRANS Visual Culture Conference:  2006.
California Institute of the Arts:  Presentation of Imaginary Science art works/ Artist in Residence (Dr. Gomez):  2006.
Electrofringe (Newcastle, Australia):  Telematic presentation on networked media and streaming technologies at Electrofringe:  September, 2006.
University of London:  Presentation on network (mis)communication at (re)Actor: The First International Conference on Digital Live Art:  September, 2006.
Cultural Exchange Station (Tábor, Czech Republic):  Presentation of Imaginary Science videos and interactive works:  2006.
University of Newcastle (Ourimbah, Australia):  Presentation of Imaginary Science videos and interactive works:  2006.